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Beautiful Staircases

by Design

Your staircase is a vital part of your home. It serves to connect one floor to another and to allow easy access to and from the upper parts of your house.


Yet aside from its obvious functional purpose, a staircase is a prominent part of the design of your home.

iWood pays close attention to detail to prevent accidents

A timber staircase provides you with a beautiful centrepiece for your home. Stairs also present a risk of injury from all manner of slips, trips and falls, which is why they are subject to very stringent building regulations.


Close Attention to Detail Prevents Accidents


At i-Wood, we pay close attention to every single characteristic that may affect your ability to use stairs safely. These characteristics include the geometry of the staircase, its rise and the shape of the treads. Handrails are used as an extra precaution in the event that anyone might fall when climbing up or down the stairs.


Perhaps the most common causes of accidents on staircases are under-stepping and over-stepping, both in descent and ascent. A primary cause of this is inconsistency in the rise and going of the staircase.


When a person uses steps, they naturally (and subconsciously) determine the appropriate way to move their legs after the first couple of steps. After this, their legs get into a natural rhythm of movement which is interrupted if the stairs are uneven. This interruption inevitably causes the person to trip, slip or fall.


For this reason, it is very important that steps are made with only a 1% variation in design dimensions. This obviously becomes more difficult to achieve with spiral staircases, which is why we highly recommend that you leave the job to trained carpenters.


As expert carpenters and joiners, everyone on the i-Wood team is trained to produce beautiful bespoke wooden staircases for your home in any style, colour or wood you choose.


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